Sending Maine to Space

The Maine Spaceport Initiative seeks to drive Maine’s path forward in the New Space Economy.

Maine’s Space Economy is taking off – with several companies developing emerging space technologies. Maine holds a unique position hanging over the east coast of the United States – offering an ideal launch trajectory for polar orbits of small satellites. In addition, Maine’s former Loring Air Force Base sits in a unique Northeast position to the continental United States that offers an advantageous and available site for ground station development.

With proposed vertical launch, horizontal launch, and Center for Innovation and Excellence complexes to comprise the broader Spaceport Complex, our initiative is currently in the strategic planning phase of our project.

Our initiative sees this as a pivotal time to capture the value that Maine brings to the New Space Economy. Join us!

Newsworthy Mentions:

BluShift Launches Stardust 1.0

BluShift launched their first rocket in Limestone, Maine in 2021.

Mainebiz “Maine’s Space Era Ready for Lift-Off with $445k grant for Spaceport Study”:

U.S. Dept of Commerce “Commerce Awards Matching Grant for Maine Spaceport Planning”:

Session – 129th Maine Legislature, “Resolve, To Establish the Maine Spaceport Complex Leadership Council L.D. 2092”:

Maine Public, “Bill Could Pave Way For Rocket-Launching ‘Spaceports’ In Maine”:

Maine Technology Institute, ““SPACE IS FOR EVERYBODY” Maine SpacePort Complex Boosted by EDA Funding Announcement this Morning”:, “Startup bluShift Aerospace launches its 1st commercial biofuel rocket from Maine”:

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